v shaw | sculpture


Victoria Shaw's handbuilt and thrown stoneware sculpture references human forms, nature, and spirit. The human scale of her series "Totemic Dreams" reminds the viewer of guardian figures and ancient ancestral markers. Round orb forms like those found in nature rest easily upon discs. The pieces are stacked on a vertical or horizontal orientation allowing the artist to "play with form in space." The totems are symbolic of a journey that begins grounded on the earth while reaching toward the sky. Often chosen by Interior and Landscape Designers, the sculptures are suitable for intimate locations in private homes and gardens as well as decorative accents in hotels, restaurants, law offices, apartment buildings, and other commercial settings. The vitrified stoneware, like natural rock, can withstand all of nature's challenges. The work is simple in line, and the viewer is engaged by the dynamism of form, making them a welcome addition to any venue.